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Site Update

We have just updated our site to Drupal 8.  Let us know if you encounter any technical issues.  Thank you!


At Curiouser we have been researching fiction, stories, games, media, and the audiences that interact with them for years.

We want you to have the benefit of our research.

Here are some of the ways we can help you and your projects.



We can help you make better and more engaging stories across media that will connect even more meaningfully with your audiences.

The knowledge we are gathering is not the same as that of artists, producers, or fans. We study fiction and stories from a psychological perspective and can reveal to creative and production teams new opportunities to make stories better, properties stronger, and increase audience satisfaction and participation. We can uncover new strengths, solve problems, and provide research-based insight to help story-based projects.

Are you starting a new project? Evaluating new properties or transferring a story to a new medium? Want to know more about a particular genre? Creating unique transmedia or story-worlds or adapting projects from existing stories? Want to make something funnier, scarier, or more exciting? Do you want to know more about your audience?

Please contact us and tell us about what your goals are. We'd love to lend our experience to your projects.


Speaking and Education

We are available for speaking, workshops, or interviews. Part of our mission is to share our knowledge. Let us talk to you. We have a lot to share...

At Curiouser we try to explain the intuitive processes happening when we interact with or create fiction. We have developed talks on everything from describing why TV usage is on the rise, to more exotic topics like how reality and fiction do or don't merge in Experience Stories (like Alternate Reality Games). We'd love to come and talk to your organization or company.

Learn about new story-forms, emerging media, new genres, and get insight into age-old story-telling processes. Learn how to make better stories or chose better stories for yourself. Contact us and let us know what you'd like to know.



You can't have too much good information. We'll conduct in-depth research reports on fiction-related topics to give you more information about the things you need to know about.

We can also do unique research on your properties, genres, audiences, or specific issues. We have pioneered unique psychological evaluation tools to help uncover audiences' conscious and unconscious associations with stories and story elements. Let us design an original study for your project and get new perspectives on your audience and your stories potential.


Services for Projects

Bring us in to help with specific project-related tasks. Examples include :

Vision Statements and Story Documentation : We will create a vision document from the story perspective to help keep production teams in sync as the titles develop. A single shared vision across all departments and creators. Also special transmedia vision documents for properties ready to cross media borders.

Critiquing : Why let the critics in at the end? Let us critique your projects in the development stage when you can use it to make your stories better. Get an outside assessment from media savvy people who spot early issues and opportunities.

Assessment: Have IP to assess for adaptation, production, or transmedia potential? Let us take a look at it. We can give you a new perspective and maybe some new ideas to help you move projects forward (or hold them back).


Contact Us

Please contact us and tell us about the special needs of your project.  We'd love to find out what you are looking for and help you with your creative goals.

You can reach us at (207) 619-2967 or use our contact form. Thank you and we can't wait to hear from you.