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Curiouser llc wants to help you in your next creative project! We are freely offering our research and consulting to those who wish to get unique insights about their story-based projects and make them as amazing and rich as they can be. 

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Who we are.

Curiouser llc is a media and fiction research company that researches stories, fiction, games, and media. We are a broad collective of media professionals that are dedicated to the goal of understanding how stories work across media and helping companies create better and more engaging stories. Associates working with Curiouser have worked in a wide array of disciplines at all levels including academic research, psychology, comics, transmedia, movies, books, games, and more. We have worked with or are currently working with some of the best media companies in the world including Universal Studios, Paramount, Lucas Arts, and many many more.

What we can do for you.

It's quite simple. After years of research and experimentation we have developed a body of knowledge that we feel is unique in the media industry. We would like to share it with you and look at different ways that it can help you in your creative projects.

We feel that we can help producers and artists tell the stories they really want to tell and avoid the missteps that could cost money, time, and much more importantly, their audiences. We are looking for companies and individuals who want create better stories and grow stronger audiences. Creators who want to have more information about their genre, audience, media, and their story.

Learn more about ways we can help your projects.

What we'd like you to do.

Involve us in your project.

Don't worry about the cost, the size of your project, or if it "fits". Let's just talk together first. We are only just beginning to understand how to apply this unique body of knowledge and we would love your help working it out together.

If you value new information, whether it's on your genre, media, story, audience, or topics you didn't even think to ask about, then please contact us.

And thank you for reading this and trying something new.



“Curiouser Institute has been an incredible resource to us. Our latest full-scale production, Journey On, invited a single audience member to play as the lead in their own hero’s journey. Reed was invested from the start in helping answer our questions and giving us confidence to take on the monomyth. The company’s insights into play also helped us have a better understanding of ways to interact with not just our volunteer protagonist, but also with our viewing audience. Even with the production behind us, my team still quotes Reed, proving the value and impact of Curiouser.”

Shea Elmore Artistic Director at Playing with Reality


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